Tough and durable, enamel mugs are perfect for outdoor use, making them ideal for families that spend time in nature, whether for camping or picnics. Made from stainless steel coated in enamel, these mugs can easily last for generations and still be bringing back memories in years to come, full of the battered character of many outdoor adventures.


Available in a choice of two designs based on the illustrations in the What The Oak Tree Sees book (The oak tree illustration and 'Child of the Woods' in green; or Animal tracks illustrations and 'Stay Wild!' in black). 


Available individually or in sets of 2, 3, or 4 (please select number in set and choice of design).


Due to the nature of enamelling, mugs may differ slightly and may have some dimples and blemishes.


Also available as part of our Nature Storytime Set.

Enamel camping mug 12oz

PriceFrom £10.00