Into the Woods

Hiddel (also Hidel, Hydel) is an old Northumbrian word meaning a place of protection, a sanctuary, a secret place. The better known Brock is from the Celtic for Badger.

Hiddel Brock Wood is a peaceful ancient woodland, in the wilds of Northumberland, England's northernmost county. It is a sanctuary, not only for dear old brock, but for all the wildlife and trees within it. It's also a sanctuary for our family; a place where children can be wild and free with a love and respect for the natural world. 

Nothing is more magical than nature, and the magical world of Hiddel Brock Wood has inspired children's books, toys, designs, poetry and wildlife art. Through these, we hope to share this world with you.


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Our Values

All our books, toys and art are inspired by the nature and wildlife in Hiddel Brock Wood, and are largely for children. Protecting our woodlands and the wider natural environment for future generations of wildlife and people is at the heart of everything we do.


As well as handmaking products ourselves, we work with UK based independent makers to make our bespoke range of toys and storytelling accessories to our high environmental standards. These are all made in the UK from natural materials, organic and locally sourced where possible, and UKCA tested.

Our books are printed on demand domestically using digital printing. Compared to traditional offset printing, this reduces supply chain waste and greenhouse emissions, and conserves natural resources. Our main print company is committed to improving environmental performance by driving down CO2 emissions and reducing, reusing and recycling waste.

Our print-on-demand books are printed in the UK, but also domestically for customers outside the UK. Our print provider also prints in the US and Australia and has a global network of printing facilities to ensure that books are always printed as near to the end customer as possible to reduce the environmental impacts of shipping.

We have made sure that our books are available through the most popular online channels, as well through book shops and directly from us, as we realise that this is convenient for many customers. However, if like us you love and support independent book shops, we'd encourage you to ask them to order it for you if they don't already stock it. Our printer distributes globally to large and small independent book stores so it's really easy for them to get it for you. Or just order directly from us.

Our clothing is GOTS certified organic cotton and produced sustainably using renewable energy throughout the supply chain. All clothing can be returned at end of life to be recycled into more clothing: truly organic, sustainable, circular fashion.


Our income allows us to continue to conserve and protect Hiddel Brock Wood. In addition, 1% of revenue (sales) is donated to British wildlife charities. Read more.


Reading for pleasure has a dramatic impact on educational outcomes, wellbeing and social mobility (Book Trust), but not all children have access to books at home. Around 380,000 children in the UK don't have a single book of their own (National Literacy Trust). 


Hiddel Brock Wood works with various charities to get more books in the hands of disadvantaged children and improve their educational outcomes, wellbeing and social mobility.


Hiddel Brock Wood has been recognised by Let Toys Be Toys for doing the right thing by our children, providing a place to shop where adults and children can enjoy choosing toys and books without unwelcome sexist messages. Smashing gender stereotypes.