What The Oak Tree Sees

A midsummer dawn comes early, and fills the wood with light.

The animals from sunny day, from dawn, and dusk and night,

All come together, one by one, in nature's grand parade.

The oak tree stands above them all; its branches casting shade.


Come into the woods to find out what the oak tree sees...


The first book in The World of Hiddel Brock Wood series, What The Oak Tree Sees is a poetic introduction to the most loved woodland wildlife, aimed at 2-7 year olds. Follow their tracks and discover where they go when the people visit the woodland. With classic hand-drawn illustrations full of treasures to discover, it is perfect for reading aloud to younger children as well as for early readers to enjoy. Ideal for nature loving children at home or in a school or Forest School setting, this delightful story subtly reinforces the importance of respecting our natural environment and leaving no trace other than footprints, whilst also teaching children to recognise classic woodland animal tracks.

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Curriculum links and Activity Ideas for What The Oak Tree Sees

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Note - These are curriculum links for England. Scotland and Wales have different programs of study but should be broadly similar in theme