Illustrator-Author Visits

with Abbey Scott

Bring The World of Hiddel Brock Wood to life with a fun, interactive author reading of What The Oak Tree Sees and/or The Tree That Held The Moon along with tailored activities, ideal for children aged 3-8.

Schools, Forest Schools, Libraries, Bookshops and 
Nature Education Settings.

Currently scheduling visits for

Autumn 2022

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Most storytelling and activities are ideally suited to outdoor settings but can also be adapted to indoors.

What to expect

Visits include an immersive storytelling experience:

  • Introductory talk on woodlands and woodland animals;

  • Making story sticks;

  • Seed dispersal by animals activity;

  • Interactive reading of What The Oak Tree Sees and/or

       The Tree That Held The Moon;

  • Q&A.

Extend sessions with an immersive nature connection experience:

I can design tailored activities inspired by the stories, customised to link to curriculum, interests, learning objectives or your setting. Or choose from the following sessions:

Creating Stories

These sessions are designed to stimulate imagination and creativity inspired by nature and the Hiddel Brock Wood books. 

Indoor session: Following a reading of ‘What The Oak Tree Sees’, I’ll guide the children through creating a new page for the book. Children will choose another woodland animal for their page then we’ll work through the process of researching, writing and illustrating their page; or

Outdoor session: Following a reading of ‘The Tree That Held The Moon’, we’ll explore a tree in your school grounds. As a group, we’ll discuss, create and tell the story of our tree from tiny seed to present day.

Nature Creativity

These sessions are designed to inspire sustainable play and creativity with natural resources. 

Following an interactive reading of ‘What The Oak Tree Sees’ and/or ‘The Tree That Held The Moon’, we’ll get crafty with natural resources e.g. making models of animals from the story, creating transient nature art, making musical instruments.

Exploring Nature

These sessions are designed to help children learn about the nature in your setting / school grounds.

Following a reading of ‘What The Oak Tree Sees’ and/or ‘The Tree That Held The Moon’, we’ll compare your setting with the wood in the books and talk about the similarities and differences. We’ll then do a nature survey of your grounds, including things like a bug hunt, identifying plants, finding trees at different life cycle stages, measuring the age and height of a tree on site. 

Nature Adventure

These sessions are designed to inspire children to get active in nature.

Following an energetic interactive reading of ‘What The Oak Tree Sees’ we’ll try to recreate how the different animals move. We’ll do an animal track trail around the site and play some nature inspired games. We’ll slow down the pace with a reading of ‘The Tree That Held The Moon’ then go on a moon phases trail around the site.

Woodland Wellbeing 

These sessions are designed to meet the needs of children that would benefit from a peaceful and gentle connection with nature. Activities can be tailored to different needs and ages, but would ideally take place outside with small groups of up to around 10 children. They’re intended to be slower paced to reduce stress and create a feeling of contentment, whilst equipping children with tools to develop a mindful connection with nature.

I’ll talk through the inspiration for ‘The Tree That Held The Moon’ before reading the story. We’ll explore the ways that nature can inspire our creativity, use our senses to connect with the nature around us, and create some transient nature art.


We ask you to buy a minimum of 30 books for 1 hour sessions, 50 books for half a day and 75 books for a full day.

These books are yours to keep and use as you wish. Schools often use their Pupil Premium to purchase these books and distribute them to children as gifts, or place them into their library. Alternatively, these can be used as part of the set of books from which children will purchase a copy to keep on the day. Books are £9.

We also ask you to circulate an email informing parents and carers of the possibility to purchase a book, and to coordinate pre-orders.

Plus travel and accommodation expenses if needed

If you wish to arrange a session without purchasing books, please contact me for fees.